Monday, June 1, 2009

Retrieve All Active Sessions Data

Posted by: The Code Project Latest Articles, on 31 May 2009

Helps to view all the active Session IDs, Session Keys, and Session Values in an ASP.NET application.


As far as I know, in ASP.NET, we do not have a predefined class library to find out all the active session IDs and their data. This article helps you list all the active session keys using a simple logic.


This code can be used to track the active sessions of an application.

Using the code

This simple application has two pages: one to view the data (Manager.aspx) and the other to enter the current date time into the session.

In the application, create a variable of type Dictionary<string, HttpSessionState> and store it into the application memory. It facilitates us to keep the “Session IDs” of all the sessions and a “Session” object reference. read more...

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