Friday, October 17, 2008

ASP .NET Dynamic Data Video tutorial by Bill Burrows

This tutorial covers an overview to ASP.NET Dynamic Data features. Dynamic Data is new to the .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1) and provides a way to easily creature, modify, and maintain a data driven website. Microsoft describes Dynamic Data as: "ASP.NET Dynamic Data provides a framework that enables you to quickly build a functional data-driven application, based on a LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework data model. It also adds great flexibility and functionality to the DetailsView, FormView, GridView, and ListView controls in the form of smart validation and the ability to easily change the display of these controls using templates." This tutorial covers the creation of a Dynamic Data site using Visual Web Developer Express 3.5 (SP1). It then talks about the conceptual ideas underlying the technology. Dynamic Data sites are highly customizable so the tutorial covers several ways to perform customization. Finally, the tutorial introduces the Dynamic Data Wizard, a project under development, that make customization easy via a "wizard" approach.

Reference URL: ASP .NET Dynamic Data by Bill Burrows

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