Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kill Bugs Like a Frog

GIBRALTAR is very cool! Learn more on their website.

Part logging tool, part application monitor, part profiler.All frog.

Gibraltar isn't really a frog, and it won't turn you into one, either. It just reminds us of one with its simple, natural bug-spotting powers. You can also think of Gibraltar as a flight recorder that monitors your .NET applications making it easier for you to test and support them.

We're proud of Gibraltar, and we'd like to tell you more about it. You can download a full-featured trial now, or check out this short video to learn how Gibraltar can streamline your software testing and support processes for any .NET application.

Gibraltar records and sends error and usage information to your support staff and provides powerful, yet simple analysis and visualization tools so you can triage customer issues faster, better optimize development priorities and continuously improve software quality.

With Gibraltar, you will find and kill software bugs faster and easier than ever before. You'll also provide more effective customer support and have new insights into how users interact with your applications.

So please, click the large triangular play button to the right and watch a short video demonstration of Gibraltar in action. Or click the links to learn more, or download a free trial.

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