Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CodeSmith just released it's 5.0.5 version

Hot on the heels of their previous update, their steadfast developers have completed CodeSmith 5.0.5 and it is now available for download.

With this update, the CodeSmith MySQLSchemaProvider now supports more data types, and extended properties. It also uses both generics and .Net2.0 best practices. They have also added Designer Support for ViewColumnSchema and ViewColumnSchemaCollection.
They have made various other minor changes and resolved the following bugs:

· Fixed a bug where CodeSmith Studio becomes unresponsive when Schema Explorer tries connecting to an off line database when other applications are active.

· Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException would be thrown in the Schema Explorer when calling InvokeRequired.

· Fixed a rare bug where an InvalidOperationException might be thrown when starting up CodeSmith.

· Fixed a bug where a BadCrcException and ZipException would occur on start up.

If you have technical questions, contact them at

If you aren’t already saving time and development costs with CodeSmith, try it today or contact them at CodeSmith Tools with any questions.